Road 2 Recovery

Kieran Jones mental health campaigner

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Hello my name is Kieran Jones

Having had first hand experience with my own mental health issues, inspired me to set up a support network for those in the same position. I understand the feeling of being lost alone and desperate and want to ensure no one ever feels that way again!


I am fighting for a future where mental health will become incorperated in our educational system so children understand what it is and never feel ashamed to ask for help, whilst being able to spot if any friends and family they have are in need of support. Let us together raise a generation with the hand of love instead of the fist of stigma.


Not everyone has family and friends that understand but I am extending you a personal invite to be part of our online family and together we can walk the road 2 recovery together!

Here's what people say!


Ms Burns

By far the strongest and bravest man i know. Seeing him struggle so closely like he has was such a struggle. Coming out on top like we always knew he could. Truly an inspiration. Love you kieran X


Ms Bates

Fantastic man he has been helping me so much the past few weeks it’s good to know I have someone to turn to xx


Mr Dowdeswell

Due to the fact that this person is going out of there way to help and is supporting other pages of this nature I cant help but feel the need to recommend him and support him in helping others out, we have all been in dark places in our lives but people like this can make us better and help! I salute you


Ms Collins

Kieran will go out of his way to help any person in need regardless of the situation & never judges , he is a person who puts the needs of others before himself & is an inspirational support to any person who is going through a tough time xx


Ms Ruiizu

very nice person to talk to and goes out of his way to help others. we need more people like Kieran and what he's doing to help me also with my anxiety to learn how to control it and to help me to get more confident to get my business up and running. I recommend him not just because he's a nice person but because he understands how it is to struggle and willing to help others not to suffer in silence.👍🙂